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Biljana Simić Biljana Simić via facebook

54. titula, 3. Vimbli, 9. GS i idemooo dalje GENIJE najjaci!

Richard Francis Richard Francis via facebook

Superb tennis today I know the secret of your hunger for success... It is written in the stars for you! I have seen your horoscope!

Katarina Keti Katarina Keti via facebook

My hands were shaking as I write this, I feel proud and full of heart for being a Serb... many people who do not know the Serbian people and our culture, tradition and history... talk bad things... but can only to talk... our soul, heart, pride can not... biggest Serb proved it... Djokovicu king of the world... thank you again for your happiness and the love you share with us... PRIDE...

Branka Tubin-Mudrinic Branka Tubin-Mudrinic via facebook

"Ajde!" tells a story of a Serbian boy, who once had a dream of becoming the best tennis player in the world and winning Wimbledon. No matter what, and whatever it takes. An animated tribute to Novak Djokovic. Directed and animated by Zuzanna Szyszak. Music by Samuel Tsang.

Milan Marijanac Milan Marijanac via facebook

Very emotional animated short film about Novak Djokovic: "Ajde! The Movie". Click here...

Romain Carette Romain Carette via facebook

Hey Novak, what do you think about my creation ? I'm ready to support you for Wimbledon. Ajde Nole!!!

Dipu_ Dipu_ via twitter