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Romain Carette Romain Carette via facebook

Hey Novak, what do you think about my creation ? I'm ready to support you for Wimbledon. Ajde Nole!!!

Dipu_ Dipu_ via twitter

Kaspar Meyer Kaspar Meyer via facebook

Novak, Even as a Swiss tennis fan, I was deeply impressed with how you handled yourself in defeat. You are truly a great sportsman.

Branka Tubin-Mudrinic Branka Tubin-Mudrinic via facebook

Mourning is over. Time to celebrate Novak's greatness. I want my kids to be like Novak. I want them to be honorable and graceful like him. To have respect for others. Bravo Novace! You're a great human being and even that you’ve lost this time, you're still our winner. One day people will talk about a person called Novak Djokovic as a great man and even greater athlete. You're delighted the whole world today and taught us little people great lesson. Looking at you today standing proudly I was ashamed of my tears that I shed today. I will always be your fan.

Sanjay Dongre Sanjay Dongre via twitter

Nole , Brother, never mind ....may be next time. You played great tennis at RG. Head high & keep it up. - Sanjay, INDIA.

Tiago Dias Amaro Tiago Dias Amaro via facebook

Dear Novak. In difficult moments se se the true champions. With such a difficult defeat You stud High above. Future is ahead. RG 2016 is you.

Romain Carette Romain Carette via facebook

I think I am one of your biggest french fans and today I'm so sad. I was crying during the ceremony. I wish you all the best for wim'!

Jim Harris Jim Harris via twitter

A man's true character is revealed in defeat.

Milan Marijanac Milan Marijanac via facebook

Early birds get the @DjokerNole! The RG ballkids received a surprise visit from the No.1 seed this morning!