Hello guys! Finally the US Open starts!My match is scheduled tomorrow night and I’m quite excited to play the night session on Arthur Ashe and i can tell you why. The crowd is really enjoying the tennis and rooting for their favourite, and then, there is the music and dancing going on in between the games too.. Remember my dance last year? lol We all enjoyed it :) And when we have fun at work, we manage to pull out some great shots here and there… like this one the other day.. )

Cao svima! I najzad je poceo US Open. Moj mec je predvidjen za sutra uvece i bas se radujem sto cu vec sutra osetiti fantasticnu atmosferu na Arthur Ashe stadionu. Nocni mecevi su uvek posebni zbog muzike i publike koja ucestvuje u svakom poenu. A izmedju gemova ima i dosta njih koji se oprobaju i u plesu :) Pa i ja sam se pridruzio prosle godine, secate se? A kada se zabavljamo i uzivamo dok radimo, moguci su i ovakvi iznenadjujuci udarci i trikovi…:)

‪A new kind of training… #CincyTennis‬

A new kind of training… #CincyTennis https://t.co/tDHbZlLegH

Woooo idemooo 🙌🐊 https://t.co/CFzFakPCO5

One step at a time #CincyTennis

📷 Ben Solomon

One step at a time #CincyTennis

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Special meeting so many people from #NoleFam today 🤙

Western & Southern Open
🎥 Tennis TV

My team prays for #Genova today. Our hearts are with you ❤️

Guys, very important question: Have you joined the @novakfoundation #LaverCup lottery yet?? Who will meet me in Chi… https://t.co/VTJxbWh5u8

#TeamEurope looking goooood https://t.co/B5muQzwiDh

Rain or shine, selfies must go on 🤳 @CincyTennis https://t.co/aG0zugBKtZ