Hey guys, be sure to tune in to 60 minutes on CBS Sunday March 25th at 7pm EST to see a feature on my life on and off the court. They even visited Serbia with me, I am so excited to show my fans my homeland and where everything started. U nedelju, 25. Marta na CBS kanalu ce se premijerno prikazati kratak dokumentarac o mom zivotu u emisiji “60 minutes”. Ako imate priliku da pogledate, videcete mnoge interesantne price o mom pocetku u 13h po GMT+1 vremenu.

1-2 punch 🤜🏼👌🏼 https://t.co/jmnOL8QktY

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Need your help #NoleFam, how do I say “thank you for your support” in Japanese??

Let’s go 💪🏼 #rakutenopen2019 #finals https://t.co/S1uusA9ZAv

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The @DjokerNole return of serve is just art 👌

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Looking forward to semis tomorrow #idemooo #nolefam #rakutenopen2019 https://t.co/cbX2nJP6xv

Ovaj momak me je totalno oduševio. Inspirisan mojom sezonom 2011 godine, pitao je oca da li može da ide da živi u S… https://t.co/S1kK4ZsCCW

This guy made my day. His father allowed him to live in Serbia because he was inspired watching me in 2011 season.… https://t.co/sKuaMJKjoU