I was very fortunate to be in the presence of these wonderful, empathic children and share with them my life story… https://t.co/KhPj0fIMYR


Man I love dogs https://t.co/mey8LrV8aI

.@Schwarzenegger @LewisHamilton @JimCameron @CP3 @EyeOfJackieChan @lightningwilks https://t.co/OB0VO6P6cU

3R let’s go idemooo 💪🏼 #AusOpen https://t.co/zzB7JDX5zR

Too good 😂🤣 https://t.co/1XbLfKw198

Even then, I knew my future would be unboring. @Peugeot #UnboringTheFuture #ad https://t.co/TXiQvxzFiS

Cherishing this moment. Thank you guys so much 🙏🏼😃 https://t.co/naZA6jpXS6

❤❤❤ https://t.co/BYIJUFDqIv

RT @ASICSTennis: Novak Djokovic is taking to the court in the COURT FF™ NOVAK shoe for the second year in a row. Let’s do this. #PlayTheUnp…

Grand Slam ready in my new ASICS. Let’s play. @ASICSTennis #CourtFFNovak #NoleFam #ad https://t.co/0Pi57XNUej