Me vs Marian, GG and bag of balls #rockNroll #intervals 😂👍🏼

Training live

Greetings from Monaco country club! Isn't this the most beautiful view? In about to meet the Prince of Monaco - very excited! :) Pozdrav iz MCCC-a kluba :) ovo je jedan od najlepsih klubova. Upravo trebam da se sretnem sa Princom. Jako sam uzbudjen! :)

Greetings from Monaco country club!Isn't this the most beautiful view?In about to meet the Prince of Monaco,very excit…

I had couple of days of preparation in Monaco for Dubai. I am just on my way to the plane and wanted to say hi to you all. More tennis soon, stay tuned for @DubaiTennisCham :))

Believe it or not, i am this strong! :) Verovali ili ne - mnogo sam jak :)