Nole4U #15 LIVE on Youtube (Wednesday at 19.00 CET)

Nole4U #15 UŽIVO na Youtube!

Dear Friends, it’s time again for #‎Nole4U gathering. This time it will be streamed via Youtube service.

Send your questions to Novak on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #Nole4U now through Wednesday, December 3, and he will answer them LIVE.

“Hello everyone, it’s time again for ‪#‎Nole4U‬. This is your chance to send me your questions and I will answer them live on video on Wednesday. Comment below with your questions and I will pick the best out. I will look for questions below with the most likes, vote by liking on the comment,“ Nole wrote on his Facebook Page.

See you on Wednesday!

You can download Nole December Desktop Wallpaper here.

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