Novak about family, fame, tennis…

The world number four Novak Djokovic is the biggest star of the ATP tour in Umag, a small Croatian town at the Adriatic Coast where he feels at home.

In his interview with ‘Jutarnji list’ daily, Djokovic spoke about the family, success, dealing with fame…

Djokovic’s tennis story is similar to stories of all Croatian tennis players, ‘Jutarnji list’ reports. The initial idea came from the child, then the parents, fathers primarily, joined when things became serious.

‘Had it not been for my father, I would not have been in this position today’, Novak says. Father Srdjan knew what moves to make. He listened to Novak’s coach Jelena Gencic and sent his son to Nikola Polic’s academy. When the first results started arriving it was clear to all what potential Novak was. Everything became easier, especially in view of the finances. Managers flocked from everywhere offering millions for Novak. The Djokovices are leading today a very successful business in tennis based on Novak’s success.

On the court Novak is a real showman. He came in Umag with his younger brother Marko (17). He was charging batteries and preparing himself for the summer on hot American court. At night he was going out attracting female population.

Q: Why have you chosen to come to Umag of all the places in the world where you could have gone?

‘I came here because I feel here very well. It is important when you come to certain place that people respect you and treat you kindly. This is also one of the traditional and rare periods in the year when all my family gets together and spends time together’.

Q: You mentioned family. Do you feel privileged since you are one of rare tennis players being accompanied by a family almost everywhere?

‘I am very emotional about my family. That is the purpose of the life in the end. Certainly there are moments when I want to be alone. Thanks God they know when I need their support and are with me whenever necessary’.

Q: Do you feel any changes within yourself since you have become part of the top tennis in recent two years?

‘Surely I do. I think that everything happened too quickly for me. I think I attracted too much attention both professionally and privately’.

Q: That need not be bad if you learn how to deal with it?

‘That is correct. You need to achieve balance between the professional and private life. That is what I want to achieve’.

Q: What about bad side of popularity, invented stories?

‘Media are integral part of my life. One who realizes that one time shall manage better to deal with them. Unfortunately in our region private life seems to be more important than the professional one. I accept that as a part of my career’.

Q: Can you take a walk in Belgrade and go out wherever you want or you go to VIP facilities only?

‘Of course I can walk wherever I want. There is no privacy then, however, since people closely watch your every step, how you behave, what clothes you have on and similar’.

Q: Do you feel powerful? Do you think you are in position you can do some things that other people cannot?

‘Every man wants to be powerful and successful. I think women like such men only. The feeling you have after you win a tournament, there is nothing to be compared with it’.

Sources: Blic, Jutarnji list

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