Good night New York, good morning Serbia (PHOTOS)!

You’re wrong if you think I’d forget about you…

Yesterday, we changed the place of training for the first time, and felt the atmosphere and surface at Flushing Meadows courts. It was difficult to get there, we traveled almost an hour and a half. It’s impossible to function without navigation here, unless you know the route well. One mistake and you’ll end up on the way to Harlem, Bronx or the Inter-State Road that leads to Canada or down to Florida.

New York traffic jam is like no other! And also the atmosphere at training sessions. Great number of visitors! After a long time it’s the real summer here, and the forecast for the upcoming weekend says – tropical temperatures. We’ve lowered intensity when it comes to tennis training, so I can be fresh for the start of the tournament. Duties and obligations…then a new day comes, and this morning it started at 10 am when we went to town. We enjoy the peace and quiet and the comfort our house offers. Before going to bed we have another short recovery session to do, and then good night New York and good morning Serbia!

Photos: Novak Djokovic OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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