NEW: Listen to the same music as Nole from today!

Dear fans,

We have another surprise for you!

Starting from Wednesday, June 17th, you will be able to listen to music from Novak’s iPod list.

What is it all about?

A few days ago we suggested Novak to send us periodically his list of the songs he listens in his spare time. Of course he liked the idea and we started realising it.

First he was joking, giving us names of the “kafana” (pub) songs, and then the “serious” list came which you can now listen to on the home page in the music player.

Finally, we mentioned to Nole the song “Hot” from the Inna, which was hit at Serbia Open. He was completely delighted, and couldn’t believe he forgot this great hit, which is currently his favourite song. When we told him that Inna would be the guest in Belgrade during the tournament in Halle, he was sorry that he would not be able to attend, and told us to send greetings to Inna and tell her to dedicate the new CD to him. :)

Go to the home page quickly, click Play, and start enjoying!

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