Nole4You #11 LIVE on Thursday (20.00 CET)

Novak is back from holidays. He is in Monte Carlo, preparing for the new season which he will open on December 28 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Nole will answer the new round of top 10 Nole4You questions on Thursday, December 20, at 20.00 CET, for the second time LIVE via Ustream service. Stay tuned and find out how Nole feels when he plays against a friend, what his favourite book is, if he has thought about writing a book, if he prefers mountain or seaside…

Like last time, all of you who will be online at on Thursday, will have a unique opportunity to chat with Novak during the event. Official hashtag of the event is #nole4ulive.

You will be able to watch Round 11 of Nole4You Q&A at Nole’s official Ustream channel:

See you on Thursday!

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