Novak answers fans questions on Twitter and Facebook

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After his first win at the China Open on Tuesday, Nole took time to answer the most interesting questions from his fans on Twitter and Facebook.

The world no.1 received hundreds of questions in just a couple of hours. You can read some of the answers below:

@DjokerNole: What is your favorite food?
Novak: In my book #ServeToWin you can find out what I like to eat :)
@DjokerNole: Who is your favorite singer? Ps, love you :)
Novak: Ah, tough one, there are many I like… not sure which one to choose.
@DjokerNole: How do you “calm yourself” when nervous during a game?
Novak: It’s not easy. I take a deep breath and focus on the ball.
@DjokerNole: When are you going back to Argentina?!
Novak: Hopefully soon! I had a great time in Argentina.
@DjokerNole: Are you excited to come back to Australia? What excites you the most?
Novak: Yes! Always a pleasure coming back to Melbourne and playing at the Rod Laver Arena!
@DjokerNole: This is soo very awesome Novak! Thank you :) ;) Good luck in Shanghai! Is Jelena in Shanghai too? #nole#chinaopen
Novak: No, she is back home getting ready for the baby to come.
@DjokerNole: Do you feel lucky man? :)
Novak: Oh yes, very lucky!
@DjokerNole: What is your favorite motto to live by?
Novak: Check out my twitter description ;) (Laugh as long as you breathe…)
@DjokerNole: How much does the No. 1 spot mean to you?
Novak: It’s product of consistency & hard work & it means a lot.
@DjokerNole: Hello Novak I found out recently that you have Celiac Disease… My 12 Yr Daughter was diagnosed with it… Any thoughts?
Novak: It’s not so unusual & it’s good that you found out. There are plenty of good food you can prepare for her #ServeToWin
@DjokerNole: You’re becoming a dad soon, Are you fully prepared? And who helped you the most? :)
Novak: Yes, very excited!
@DjokerNole: Do you miss Jelena and baby?
Novak: Yes, very much so. Will see them soon!

@DjokerNole: Novak, I would be the happiest man if you only wrote to me “Idemo” :)
Novak: Idemoooo!!! :)

@DjokerNole: Do you think of your fans they’re the best fans in the world? #NoleFam
Novak: Nope. I know they are :) #Nolefam

@DjokerNole: I have a question. How much do you love all of your fans?
Novak: You all mean a world to me! You are my inspiration! I am proud of you people! #BestFansInTheWorld #NoleFam

@DjokerNole: Would you please wish me good luck for my freshman year at the University? I wish you good luck before every match.
Novak: Good luck! Be diligent, persistent and never give up.

You can read answers to other questions on Nole’s Twitter account:

Novak odgovorio na pitanja fanova sa Tvitera i Fejsbuka


Daya Kudari: How do you manage to stay so humble in spite of being so successful?
Novak: Thank you! Where I grew up, things were never easy. Always have to remember those times.

Rosana Tolsá: Are you ready to win this China Open? Because I want to see you rise this trophy…. GOO NOLEEE!!!
Novak: Idemoooo!

Irene Toone: If you have a sugar craving… what would you eat?
Novak: Gerble gluten-free cookies ;)

Undine Vinh: What’s your advice on getting over jet lag? You guys zip around the world like crazy. How do you get your bodies adjusted so quickly?
And another question, have you ever paid attention how many miles you fly in one year? Would be interesting to know.
Novak: Try to get there a few days earlier to adjust. I’ll ask my agent about the miles, must be thousands!

You can read answers to some more questions on Nole’s Facebook account:


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