Novak cancels Andricgrad visit due to illness

World no.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic has cancelled his visit to Mokra Gora and Andricgrad in Visegrad due to illness.

“Virus and fatigue have taken their toll. I spoke to Emir and I’m very sorry that I’m not able to make it. I will keep my promise and visit Mokra Gora and Andricgrad when the next opportunity arrises”, Novak said.

Djokovic was supposed to visit Drvengrad (Timber Town) – a traditional village near Mokra Gora today, and then Andricgrad on Friday, the stone city project created by film director and two-time Golden Palm winner Emir Kusturica.

Kusturica wishes to present the six-time Grand Slam champion with the keys to Andricgrad as a gesture of welcome and appreciation. The stone city, also known as Kamengrad, is dedicated to the 1961 Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, Ivo Andric.

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