Novak’s Official mobile app launched today

Mobile applications have been created to provide faster flow of news, photos and real time statistics for all users and Novak’s fan base. They also contain unique updates with exclusive post-match interviews, signed photos, live scores, latest news, stats and schedules, social media updates and videos.

Content was segmented in 4 main tabs:
1. Updates – with breaking & recent news, updates from Novak’s official social media accounts & EXCLUSIVE post-match INTERVIEWS published almost in real time after his matches end
2. Connect – linking you with Nole4U interactive app for posting questions to World No.2 & with FanPit section for posting your content about Novak on his official website. Also offering Exclusive SIGNED PHOTOS, wallpapers and more.
3. Stats – latest career stats, stats vs top 10, and Novak’s schedule. UNIQUE content-> LIVE SCORES in real time!
4. About – with latest biography, photo and video content

Mobile application got the highest possible rating from Beta testers and Novak’s fan group #nolefam. All iPhone and Android users can download it by visiting

“As much as I am a part of your world, you’re a part of mine!”, said Novak announcing his official mobile app.

Let’s get even more connected…

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