Open invitation to volunteers – bloggers

Otvoreni poziv volonterima – blogerima

The world no.1 tennis player’s Foundation has announced an open invitation to volunteers – bloggers to share their experience and thoughts at the official Novak Djokovic Foundation blog on topics important for the further successful realisation of it’s goals.

We have big plans and a lot of love and desire to help. We feel the support of thousands of generous people for the goals we have set. We have each other and that is why the Novak Djokovic Foundation is a connecting point. When we all bond and connect, we are stronger and louder.

We want to spread our voice even further: to talk and write about understanding and encouraging children, about the importance of preschool education, the importance of a healthy and happy life of the youngest while growing up. We want to spread the voice of the importance of sports, games, play, but also of acceptance and inclusion. And for that, we need your help.

To find out more, visit the Novak Djokovic Foundation website and it’s official Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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