Vote for Nole’s official website as the best regional web project in category Sport!

WEB FEST is the first regional festival for the selection of the best web projects and the promotion of the use of internet among the people. It consists of the selection of the best web sites in different categories, and also of the promotion of educational activities.

Voting for the best web project started on Monday, November 2, and will last until November 26.

The official Novak Djokovic site is nominated in category SPORT, and you can vote for us when you:

1. Register on
(Nalog korisnika za glasanje = User’s account, Korisničko ime = User name, E-mail adresa = E-mail address, Slažem se sa propozicijama = I agree to the terms and conditions, Šta piše na slici? = What’s in the picture?, Pazite na mala i velika slova! = Pay attention to small and capital letters, Kreiraj novi nalog = Create new account)

2. After that, a code will be sent to your email, with that code you log in on page
(korisničko ime = user name, lozinka = password, prijava = login)

After those steps you are eligible to vote for the best site, there are 17 categories.

Don’t forget, Novak’s site is in category SPORT! Vote for us so we can all be winners on November 26! To vote, go to category SPORT, find Nole’s site, and under the site address click Glasaj (Vote)!

IMPORTANT: Confirm your vote! Click on ‘Moji glasovi’ in the window that opens right after you vote. At the bottom of your page type anti-spam signs, confirm your vote by clicking on ‘Potvrdi glasove’ and your vote will be accepted. If you forget to confirm your vote that way, you can go to ‘Moja strana’ (my page) in the top left corner and do the same.

Two awards will be given in each category, audience award and jury award.

The winners will be announced at the ceremony on November 26, 2009, and they will be given awards.

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