He climbed to the number 2 spot in ATP rankings, defended the title in Dubai, won the tournament in Beijing and reached semi-finals of Wimbledon and finals of the US Open.

The most memorable moment of the season and the turning point in Novak’s career was the group effort of Serbian national team to clinch the Davis Cup trophy for Serbia for the first time in history. Novak, Viktor Troicki, Janko Tipsarevic and Nenad Zimonjic, led by team captain Bogdan Obradovic, beat the USA that year, as well as Croatia, Czech Republic and France, becoming the World champions. It was the greatest success of the Serbian team tennis in the history.

As a confirmation of Novak’s enduring and devoted work, as well as his undeniable talent, the year of 2011 arrived. It was just a matter of time when “the golden year” would happen.

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