Ferru, thank you for leaving your heart ❤ out on the court every time you stepped on it. You have inspired generations of tennis players and showed them what true fighting spirit and dedication means. Enjoy your time with family and I wish you luck in everything you do in retirement. #GraciasFerru 🙏👏👍💪

“Трешња” изазов са Вигором у његовом дворишту. Млад је,шармантан али мало кратак у скоку 😜. Cherry picking challeng… https://t.co/B6X4ciQ6Kv

RT @AdriaTennisTour: Tickets for #AdriaTour tennis matches in Belgrade are finally available for purchase!

You can buy tickets at all Tick…

Black Lives Matter. #BlackoutTuesday https://t.co/VANoWg4cko https://t.co/FIelBxiTmn

RT @TennisEurope: Thanks to world #1 @DjokerNole for these nice words of support for the work of Tennis Europe🤩 https://t.co/D8G2Rffrqn

RT @GarbiMuguruza: Having fun with these 2!!
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#TennisUnited ⁦@atptour⁩ ⁦@WTA⁩ https://t.co/qegiVePhED

That was a long match 😅 great group chat, thanks #TennisUnited @GarbiMuguruza @VasekPospisil @WTA @atptour https://t.co/Yz8D7swdp9

In honor of volunteers on the front line, @LACOSTE is donating the entire sales from the L12.12 Merci Polo to partn… https://t.co/qcZiCX5fFV

Задовољство је било посетити вас на тренингу, поразговарати о спорту и животу и одиграти мало одбојку. Верујем да б… https://t.co/hdsVWQfg77

Missing RG this time of the year. Un grand salut à tous les Français @rolandgarros

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33 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/hgL0Qctdax