“I’m coming from a war torn country, a place where many kids do not dare to dream big. I was blessed to have the support of my whole family throughout childhood. They believed in me and dreamed with me, all the way.

Today, I have realized my childhood dream and became the best tennis player in the world with multiple Grand Slam titles. It is very important for me to start building my philanthropic legacy now, while I’m young and have a lot of people’s attention. I want to share the focus that is on me with the work of my foundation and help many kids to fulfill their dreams. They can learn from my example – many things are possible if we believe and work hard.

My heart goes to all the kids suffering around the world, whether from the lack of nutrition, lack of education, illness, or loss of parents. I see this a lot in my home country, Serbia, and I decided to focus most of my efforts on helping kids in Serbia. Through education, many kids can be part of our collective effort to decrease poverty and social exclusion.

I have been named UNICEF’s ambassador for Serbia to help raise the awareness of low enrollment rates in pre-school education in Serbia. My country is among the countries that have the lowest preschool coverage. My foundation has also embraced this initiative and will work together with UNICEF and other non-profit organizations to help the education system in Serbia and give kids a chance for having a better life.

Let’s believe in their dreams together!”

Novak Djokovic
The founder of Novak Djokovic Foundation

Mission statement

Enable children from disadvantaged communities to grow up, play and develop in stimulative, creative and safe settings, whilst learning to respect others and care for their environment.

Vision statement

For every child in Serbia to have the education and resources to lead productive and healthy lives

What we do

Through strong partnerships with citizens associations and community-based organizations in Serbia, we plan to create settings in which children living in disadvantaged communities have the opportunity to engage in creative play and learn to develop values and skills that will give them a head start in life, help them reach their full potential, hoping that in the future – they themselves can bring positive changes to communities.

Principles of operation

• We foster inclusiveness, making sure that in disadvantaged communities those most marginalized are not left behind, but are welcomed and included in activities and actions

• We nurture respect and believe that diversity is a value, not a challenge, thus paying special attention that children from minority backgrounds, children with disability or children from remote areas have the same opportunities as other children

• We pay special attention to empowering children and their families to understand the importance of resolving disagreements and misunderstandings through dialogue and non- violent communication

• Through creative and simulative activities, we encourage children to develop a respect and responsibility for the environment

• We believe that play and nutrition are basic quality of life issues for children. Good nutrition and activity enrich childhoods, builds children’s capacities and makes them more ready for the challenges that they need to face as they get older

• We believe that children should be given a voice in their development and communities have the responsibility to listen

• We believe that children can only prosper and reach their full potential in a warm and supportive family environment, thus we highlight the importance of a family support throughout childhood

How we do it

On the basis of our mission, vision and principles we seek national and local organizations that have similar values. Once the ideas are conceptualized and organizations have put them in the form of project proposals and proposed budgets, they will be reviewed by a Fund approval committee, which may require additional information/amendments.

Efforts will be invested in establishing long-term partnerships with the same organizations, but funding will be dispersed on an annual basis. Organizations will be invited to apply for funding.

Who we are

The Novak Djokovic Foundation was founded in November 2007 by Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic and until 29th February 2012 it operated under the name the Novak Fund.

From its earliest days the foundation supported a variety of projects including:

• financing the upkeep of Serbian monasteries and churches (considered to be national and cultural historic monuments)

• donating sanitary vehicles to war torn Kosovo communities

• financing the traveling expenses of young talents from Serbia to participate in international competitions (tennis and music contests)

• providing financial support to several young children in Serbia with health problems to go abroad to receive the best medical care possible

• providing financial support to kids who lost their parents in war

• providing financial support to Loznica and Kraljevo cities which were destructed during floods to rebuild their infrastructure