Novak visits kindergarten in Lesnica

Novak Djokovic, UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia and the celebrated tennis champion, visited on Tuesday  the “Beneath the Linden Trees” kindergarten in the village of Lesnica, 150 km west of the Belgrade capital,  to raise awareness of the importance of investment in early development and early childhood learning. During the visit, Novak spent time with the children, talked to their parents and caregivers, and met with local authorities.

“I’ve seen today what a unique and special place kindergarten is. It’s a supportive space where children can learn to think creatively and work collaboratively. It’s a space where they have the freedom to be imaginative, creative and practice skills. Quality kindergarten can bring out the best in every child and set them on a good path for life. We have a collective responsibility to ensure every child has this kind of opportunity, so that they can better navigate challenges and risks throughout life and become responsible parents and citizens, said Djokovic, who joined UNICEF in 2011 to support its work in the area of early childhood development and inclusive preschool education.

Through play and talk, more than forty kindergarten children showed Novak their kindergarten and playground, demonstrated their skills in drawing and various games, and finally played a brief tennis match at the mini-court made of recycled materials. Nole also talked with their parents and caregivers, who told him of the benefits their children have from attending the kindergarten.

“This is a place where both parents and grandparents are empowered and happy to see their children enjoy and thrive. I am glad to have contributed to that. I hope that others will join me as well“, concluded  Novak.

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Photos: Tanjug

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