Fan Zone: Novak and Viktor as Shakira and Nadal

French national television has again organised karaoke during this year’s Roland Garros, whose main stars are the participants of the second Grand Slam tournament of the season.

Novak was already a convincing winner of “Jukebox” in previous years (remember “I Will Survive”), and he is undoubtedly the main candidate to repeat the same in 2010.

Together with Viktor Troicki, Novak made a parody of Shakira’s “Gypsy” video which featured Rafael Nadal . Nole is starring as Colombian singer Shakira, and Troicki as Rafael Nadal.

Enjoy the fantastic video:

“Gypsy. Oh, my God. I’ve seen it. My brother sent me. I’ve seen it last night, or it was this morning before the match. It make me relax a little bit. You know, I was nervous before the match, and then I was laughing unbelievable for two minutes. We are very proud. I haven’t spoken to Nadal still what he thinks about it. I think he would be proud of my performance of Shakira. I really put a lot of energy and effort into that. I’ve tried to, you know, impress my partner who was sitting on the chair and playing a little guitar. I was shaking whatever I had in there. It was fun.”

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