Nole introduces his fans to the world

Passion is a great motivator and undoubtedly has the power to unite people from all over the world. People, who share the same interest and passion tend to find each other… in real-life, in forums and, more than ever, on Social Media. And internet gives them all the tools they need to make their united voice heard so that they can communicate their passion with a global public and nevertheless with the one, their passion is directed to.

This blueprint is valid for most fan groups who share a passion for the same public figure and their undertaking. But there are some, that go above and beyond in everything they touch, plan and execute, so that it’s impossible to refer to them only as a fan group anymore. They became Family, for each other and for the one they admire. In short, this is the story of #NoleFam!

But there is even more to it, something even more personal and coming right from Nole himself. He shared his #NoleFam experience with us in a personal letter.

I will always remember April 2012 as the month when I lost my beloved grandfather Vlada, who meant a lot to me. He was a really important part of my life and I can still feel his presence every day, no matter where I am. Those were some really tough days for me… but then, this amazing new family was born! All of you acted as one, sending me your kind and positive messages, as if you knew exactly how I felt and gave me comfort when I needed it the most. In that moment I lost part of my family, but I also gained a whole new one… That’s when we became Nole Family and when our #NoleFam saw light of day.

Throughout the years I fought hard, always believing in myself, and you were always there to have my back, no matter what. It seems that we have never been just a fan group… From day one #NoleFam was connected by a special team energy, as #TeamDjokovic, which was and remains my valuable source of energy on- and off-court. You were always beside me, standing strong and always ready to give advice, comfort and praise in every given situation.

You have never allowed that any important date passes by unnoticed, not a single holiday, nor achievement… You were there every step of the way, no matter how hard it was. I really don’t know whether all fan groups function that way, but I know for sure that this feels a lot like being part of one big family.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you! I am blessed to have you by my side and happy as ever for having such an amazing people and extraordinary friends around me.

You know me so well and remember even the things I tend to forget about myself… and then you remind me and make me laugh, just like that. And I know also so many things about you… I know about your challenges, your small and big fights, your exams, your employment, your disappointments… I know where you are from and how much you support not only me, but also each other. And I want that the whole world get to know you, my dear #NoleFam! I want to introduce you to everybody, one by one, and show who and how amazing you are… so others can gain confidence to step up together and support one another in sport and life.

Because of all this, today we are starting with the #MeetNoleFam project.

Meet the people of #NoleFam, up close & personal in exclusive interviews! Every month on First #MeetNoleFam post is going live soon to celebrate #NoleFamDay! Stay tuned.

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