Novak ranked sixth most influential athlete in the USA!

Novak proglašen za šestog najmoćnijeg sportistu u SAD

Novak is the sixth most powerful athlete in the USA according to the Bloomberg “Sportfolio” 2013 Power 100 ranking!

The world no.1 tennis player is ahead of many famous athletes like Kobe Bryant (basketball, 7), Michael Phelps (swimming, 8), Tom Brady (American football, 9), David Beckham (football, 13), Rory McIlroy (golf, 14), Usain Bolt (track and field, 15), Rafael Nadal (tennis, 22) …

Novak, who was ranked no.9 last year, is the second most influential European, right behind Roger Federer.

The Miami Heat’s LeBron James, golfer Tiger Woods and American football quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees top the list. Bryant, Phelps, Brady and Aaron Rodgers are also in the top 10.

To determine who the 100 most powerful athletes, among more than 3000, are on- and off-the-field going into 2013, Rick Horrow, host of Bloomberg TV “Sportfolio” and CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures, collaborated with CSE, one of the longest-running and most diversified independent marketing agencies, who created the Power 100 list for the fourth consecutive year using proprietary methodology; the Nielsen/E-Poll N-Score; and BSports.

The Power 100 rankings are based 50 percent on these on “off-field” measurements, and 50 percent on “on-field” performance using a variety of industry statistics. Along with athletic performance, the methodology took into account endorsements, social media, and fan touch points including trustworthiness, likability, and awareness.

Unlike prior years, in which the NFL dominated the top quarter of the list, the 2013 Power 100 reveals a more homogenous balance between athletes participating in individual sports and team sports.

View the full Sportfolio Power 100 list here.

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