Nole4You – No.6 Reply

Nole sent his fans a textual answer to the questions asked in the last couple of weeks through Nole4You application. Novak has been dedicated to his sports obligations lately, but he wanted to send answers to his fans. No.7 and No.8 replies to your questions will be published in the following days, after which the answers will be given mainly via video message.

1. Semir Martinovic: When did you feel the biggest pressure, in which match? Was it on a Grand Slam? My greatest wish is to meet you, I hope it will come true some day!

– I often say that pressure is a privilege. When we feel the pressure it means we’re doing something important! I feel it almost in every match, but the pressure does not affect me in a bad way. Probably the big tournaments, especially those I haven’t won, put a bigger pressure. To be honest, it depends also on the circumstances, not only on the importance of a match.

2. Dajana Danci Topic: What is your biggest fear if you have one, and what Serbian songs are your favorite? Would you sing something for us? YOU ARE THE BEST! BEST REGARDS!

– Perhaps my biggest fear is fear of losing my loved ones. I can not really say it’s a fear, but I feel ill at ease when I think of it. And here’s the answer to the bright question – I listen to our old rock and pop songs. My favourite songs at the moment are our #nolefam anthem Without You, and I can’t stop singing Call Me Maybe. About singing, hm, there’s a good sentence I’d like to use: “I sing great, but listening to me is not easy”. So I’ll stick to tennis and maybe a bit of dancing for now.

3. Dijana Stevanovic: Nole, what is the first thing you put in your suitcase when you travel from tournament to tournament? Do you first pack your bag with clothes or rackets?

– Equipment comes first, so I always start my packing with shirts and shorts for matches and practice. I usually pack everything for 2-3 weeks so there’s loads of stuff. I pack my tennis bag at the end because I always carry it with me on the plane and I try to evenly distribute weight. My rackets are always with me, so that they don’t break during the journey.

4. Fizah Ahmad: Hey Novak, I’ve always been curious about the name Nole. What does it mean & why? Also, just to say I am always behind u! Lots of love Fizah!

– Hi Fizah, thank you for your support! About my nickname – well it is abbreviation from my full name Novak, kinda short version. There is no specific meaning except it means that person who calls me by my nickname feels that is more close to me. And that is why I like my nickname – it is reserved for the people that, perhaps, like me more than others. I also like my few other nicknames: Djole and Djoker.

5. Miljan Mladenovic: Nole, have you ever played tennis with Jelena? I’m sure you’ll be even better and that you’ll win Wimbledon and the Olympic gold medal. You are my hero! ♥

– Hello Miljan! Yes, I play tennis with my Jelena and those moments are rare but beautiful. I’m definitely a very demanding player hehe, but she handles everything great, on court as well.

6. Tracy Clark: Hey Nole! I’m from Canada & speak only English. Do you think maybe you could teach me how to cheer for you in Serbian?

– Hi Tracy! Hm, there is one great word in Serbian language. You need to be loud and passionate, and it sounds like this: Idemoooooh! So: “idemoooh” is the word, and means Goooo Nole! I really love to hear it while I am on court.

7. Livia Ly: Since you stopped eating gluten, which is the food that you miss the most?

– Good question Livia. I miss pancakes and maybe pizza the most. But there is always a good gluten free recipe for my favorite food.

8. Giuseppe Avallone: Ciao Nole, come fai a parlare così bene l’italiano? Quali sono i trascorsi nel nostro paese e che rapporto hai con l’Italia?

– Ho appreso l’italiano durante il periodo in cui ho lavorato con Riccardo Piatti. Lui mi parlava solo in italiano, quindi non avevo altra possibilita’ che imparare la lingua. Nello stesso periodo Jelena studiava a Milano ed io desideravo stupirla. Mi piace molto l’Italia e la sento vicina anche culturalmente; quando ci vado mi sento sempre un po’ a casa.

Hello Nole, how come you speak Italian so well?
I learned Italian while I was working with Ricardo Piatti. He was constantly speaking Italian to me so there was nothing else for me to do but to learn it myself. Also, Jelena was at that time studying in Milano, so I wanted to impress her too. I love Italy and our cultures are very similar so I feel always at home when I go there.

9. Helena Potgieter: If the world is ending in December, what would be your top three goals to reach before then?

– Uuuu heavy questions for the end, ha? Ok Helena, hm I would try to spend every second with my loved ones: my family, my girlfriend and my friends… Including my Pierre off course.

10. Marilyne Gay-mg: Bravo pour Roland Garros! But are you already focusing on the Olympic Games? Isn’t it an additional pressure to be the standard-bearer?

– Yes, it is additional pressure, but great example for my first answer: these pressures mean that I do important staff! Not just for myself, not even just for tennis, but also for my country and sport in general. This is a good, positive pressure that I really like!

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