Nole4You – No.7 Reply

Nole sent his fans a textual answer to the questions asked in the last couple of weeks through Nole4You application. Novak has been dedicated to his sports obligations lately, but he wanted to send answers to his fans. No.8  reply will be published in the following days, after which the answers will be given mainly via video message. You can see Nole4You round 6 answers here.

1. Nikola Petrovic: Nole, Ana Ivanovic or Jelena Jankovic? Who do you like more? You should learn to dance kolo. My wish is to meet you one day. Greetings from Uzice!

– He he, regards to the people of Uzice! I follow our female tennis players, they are my friends off the court. I can not answer this question with either or:  Ana and Jelena are very different and very unique and I respect them both and love them in a special way.

2. Aleksandar Djakovic: Nole, I would like to know what goes through your mind in the moments when your opponent has a match point? Best regards and please come to Banja Luka!

– Those are intense moments Aleksandar! I don’t think too much in those situations, it’s just a couple of seconds. I really try to be focused. I don’t even breathe sometimes!

3. Faiyaz Warith Hussain Hi Nole, I’m a huge fan of yours from Bangladesh! Here’s my question, how do you react to criticism? Do you read what people write about you?

– My love to Bangladesh Faiyaz! In my opinion there is no such a thing as “negative” feedback! All feedback is positive because it can help us achieve goals even faster! I read and follow what people say about me. Most often people write supportive and positive things about me and my play… and life; but sometimes it is hard. I am already used to all types of comments, and now by default I find a way to use not just positive, but also negative words and comments to become even stronger. It is not about other people, it is – almost always, about us!

4. Tanja Kudra: I’m interested to know where you usually spend your free time when you are in Belgrade, and if we can expect you in Banja Luka this year.

– Since I’m rarely in Belgrade, I spend time with my family and friends privately. Last time I came to Serbia for a couple of days I visited Novak restaurant in Novi Sad, and I went to Kopaonik, mountain in Serbia where all about my tennis career started! My favorite place is my home place! And home is where my closest ones are!

5. Alžbeta Maxianova: Hi Nole greeting from Slovakia. Tell me what is your favourite book or movie? I’m quite curious. Thanks and say hello your coach. Your big fan.

– Hi Alžbeta, greetings to all my Slovakian fans! I’ve recently read The Hunger Games, book that really made an impression on me. It is a story of struggle, courage and friendship. I like Suzanne Collins books and sci-fi genre. There’s a very interesting quote I remember: “They’ll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.” I like Slumdog Millionaire, a movie that shows that no matter who you are, where you come from, how nice and easy or difficult and painful life you have, you should not give up! And it’s also a very touching love story and a story about friendship and growing up in dire conditions. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it! Not to forget: Marian asked me to say hello to you too!

6. Johanna Graterol:  You have impersonated other players on tour, have you ever made impersonations of your friends on Team Serbia Janko, Nenad and Viktor?

– Hehe well yes. At the beginning I was practicing my impersonating skills with my Serbian friends Janko, Nenad, Viktor and Jelena of course.

7. Marijana Pavicevic: Nole, do you follow women tennis? If yes, who do you cheer for? Greetings from Montenegro!

– Greetings to Montenegro, I love it very much! I’ve always been following women tennis, of course. As I said, I have lots of friends among female tennis players. Along with Serbian girls, I follow and cheer for Maria, she’s a very positive person and a good friend.

8. Cristian Farias: Hi Nole! I got a simple question for you: how has your pre-match routine changed over the years (from your very beginnings until now)?

– Many things have remained the same, but now I spend more time analyzing my game and my opponent’s game. I always repeat that tennis is mainly a “mental game”. Many players have talent, great shape and tactics, but what usually makes the difference is not form or ranking, but mental preparation for the upcoming match, and mental peace. I devote more attention to that.

9. Milos Vlaskovic: Hi Nole, I sent congratulations for your birthday but I forgot to ask what you wished for. I wish you success in your future tennis career!

– Thank you Milos for your nice wishes! I would also like to thank the whole #nolefam team for the birthday project. You made my birthday more special. When I was a kid I was taught to keep my birthday wish for myself in order to make it come true. So let’s keep it secret, I’ll let you all know when it fulfills.

10. Nikola Morel: Is there something you would change in your character?

– Well yes, there are few things I would like to change. I do not consider it as a change, but simple as an improvement. I have to adjust my character to all new situations and challenges in front of me. I have a strong temperament, I am very emotional on and off the court. Some people say I should change that, but that’s me and it gives individuality to my game as well.

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