Nole4You – No.8 Reply

Nole sent his fans a textual answer to the questions asked in the last couple of weeks through Nole4You application. Future answers will be given mainly via video message.

1. Tijana Bilbija: Nole, you are my idol, my champion, my role model, thank you for that… my question is do you remember that granny from Banja Luka? :D

– Dear Tijana, thank you for your nice words and support. I remember many smiling and happy faces from Banja Luka. I had a great time and people made me a warm and wonderful welcome. I don’t know exactly who you mean because there were many touching moments, many people of all ages. You will remind me once, okay? Greetings and thanks again!

2. Jorgelis Garcia: Novak what motivates you to continue being the number 1? My brother Jimmy is your biggest fan too, kisses and hugs from Venezuela.

– Thank you Jorgelis, please say hello to Jimmy too! Well, for me it is always, somehow, about pushing the limits; limits in my life, in my sport… wherever. That is my inner motive. That’s the answer why I do what I do; sport results are just kind of an outcome of that philosophy :)

3. Aleksandar Djakovic: Nole, what is it that we don’t know about you? Describe yourself in five words. Can we expect a charity match with Nadal at Belgrade Marakana? Greetings from Banja Luka :)

– Greetings Aleksandar! It seems to me sometimes that you know more about me than I do! You know so much about my life, my thinking and my career, that sometimes I watch your videos and posts to recall important details from the past. You may not know that my favorite time of day is dawn, and that I find peace in Nature. Hm, maybe you don’t know that my favorite drink is AppleSpritzer :)… I think I always say something new in these answers to you :)

4. Dahmani Hamza: Hi Nole , I’m the biggest fan of yours in Africa and especially in Morocco, so I’d like to ask you if you know Morocco? You’re the best.

– I would like to visit Africa, and especially North Africa for a holiday and to stay a while. Morocco is on my list for sure ;) Also, I have heard that tennis and golf, my two favorite sports, are becoming more popular every day! Dahmani please say hello to all tennis lovers and my fans in Morocco!

5. Mirjana Markovic: Have you ever lost your faith, in difficult moments, that you will be number one? Thank you for being you! I am always with you, my hero :)

– I don’t think about success only through numbers and rankings; what makes one athlete a champion is his spirit and behavior, and results just confirm that in the run. I define my goals in tennis, sometimes I realize them, sometimes it’s not easy, but the main goal is not the rankings itself, but the results that will change tennis and sports, and motivate other athletes. I think I’m becoming successful in doing that ;)

6. Albane Girel: Hi Nole, I’m French. Can you answer in French please :) Which tournament is the most difficult for you to win?

– Je peux essayer :) Peut-etre, plus difficile tournoi a gagner est Grand Slam :) Hope I answered well – I wanted to say that Grand Slam could be the most difficult tournament to win, but it is really difficult to say because each tournament is special and difficult in its own way.

7. Sophie Bracke: Hi Novak. What loss in your career made you most sad, and what win made you most happy?

– Recent Olympic Games would be answer to the first part of your question. But my teammates from Serbian Olympic team made us all proud bringing 4 medals to my people and to my country! And that counts so much! So that would be the saddest moment I can remember. The happiest was winning the Wimbledon trophy – trophy and victory from my childhood dreams!

8. Dijana Stevanovic: You said that it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice for a dream to come true, but I think that we first need to wake up. Do you agree with me? :D

– Hm, I agree. But daydreaming is actually defining goals. Though, you are absolutely right that, when we eventually define a goal in our minds and dreams, we have to take things into our own hands! And wake up!

9. Conty Goldbarg: Thank you Nole, because no matter what, you make your fans happy when you play. What is the first thing you do after winning a match? And if you don’t win…

– Thank you Conty! Well, first thing, no matter what the result would be, is the post-match protocol. After that, I take some time to recall the most important moments of the match and to take a deep breath, since almost always I have to move on to my obligations and planed activities.

10. Tanja Kudra: Nole, I would like to know what you do during the break when rain interrupts your match :) Greetings from BL.

– Mostly I plan tactics for the continuation of the match. I think about what I could improve and where the opportunity lies after the completed part of the match. I do it also on the bench during break between games. It’s important for me to think and to plan my tactics. You know what they say, there are too many things we can not influence, so we have to try and have an effect on everything we can.

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