Nikola Tesla, one of my greatest inspirations, was born on this day 161 years ago and it’s a very special day not just for all of us who admire his work, but for all the people inspired by his inventions and courage to change the world. We see more, can more, know more and we are able to become the best versions of ourselves thanks to the great people like Tesla, who truly live forever, inspiring us with their wisdom, vision and brevity. Happy birthday #NikolaTesla #MyInspiration 🙏

Nikola Tesla, moja velika inspiracija, rođen je na današnji dan i ovaj dan je poseban ne samo za nas koji se i dalje divimo njegovom vizionarskom radu, već i za sve one koji su inspirisani njegovim izumima i njegovom hrabrošću da menja svet na bolje. Mi svi danas možemo više, znamo više i više vidimo zahvaljujući velikim ljudima kakav je naš Tesla, koji će istinski živeti zauvek! Srećan rođendan i hvala #NikolaTesla #MojaInspiracija 🙏

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