Rainy day today in Paris, but when I needed sun it was

Rainy day today in Paris, but when I needed sun it was there so i managed to play my match without interruptions :) Finals of RG for the first time guys!!! I got so many messages from you saying how my win made your day and made you happy – thank you for being such great fans and appreciating what i do. We have another important match ahead of us on Sunday, so let’s not stop here. Now rest and focus, and a little bit of football, right? Who will you cheer for? :)

Kisni dan u Parizu me nije sprecio da zavrsim mec danas. Hvala Bogu – uspesno :) Finale Rolan Garosa po prvi put!!!! Primio sam puno vasih poruka kako sam vam ulepsao dan, pa moram da vam se zahvalim jer mi puno znaci vasa podrska i hvala sto cenite moj rad. Ali ne smemo da stanemo ovde, ceka nas jos jedan vrlo bitan dan. Sada cu da se odmaram uz malo fudbala, nije na odmet zar ne? Za koga cete vi da navijate? :)

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The feeling is totally mutual @DaniilMedwed. All respect to you and your team 🙏🏼 https://t.co/zCzgqxpHVf

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Eye to eye 👁 with cute visitor today on the court! Thank you for bringing me luck 🙏🍀 #AusOpen https://t.co/T87uhKo40h

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