Today is #InternationalWomensDay, a day where we celebrate the amazing women in our lives and strive towards gender equality. Unfortunately, women continue to earn less than men on average. ANZ Australia asked kids how they would feel if they were given less than their friends of the opposite gender. Watch the video and help us continue to strive for an #equalfuture

Na #DanŽena, kada odajemo poštovanje fantastičnim ženama koje nas okružuju, dobro je da se podsetimo izazova koji su još uvek prisutni. #ANZ je pripremio ovaj video da nam pokaže kako se deca osećaju kada za isti posao zarađuju različito, samo zato jer su različitog pola. Veoma poučno.

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Once in a lifetime experience to be on the same court with these legends and rivals. Thank you @LaverCup for making…

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