While I was packing my racquet bag for tomorrow’s practice, I remembered that HEAD Tennis just recently launched an app on their page where you get to win my bag while guessing what items are missing in it. I think it’s fun and you should definitely try it :) who knows, maybe you get to be the lucky winner :) I’m off to bed now, it’s getting late and i have a long day tomorrow. Good night!

Dok sam veceras pakovao torbu za trening, setio sam se da je pre neki dan HEAD pustio jednu vrlo zanimljivu aplikaciju na njihovoj Facebook stranici. Probajte da pogodite sta se sve nalazi u mojoj torbi za trening i mozda i vi osvojite jednu. Zelim vam srecu! Idem sada na spavanje, sutra me ceka dug dan a vec je kasno. Laku noc!

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The defending champion glides through to the QF’s in Rome for the 17th consecutive year 👉


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