Enjoying dinner with friends :) what are you up to?


Hope #60minutes story inspired you to love tennis more. I love it with all my heart. Tomorrow i play 2nd after 1pm match, lets go! Nadam se da vas je emisija #60minutes inspirisala da jos vise zavolite tenis. Ja ga volim celim srcem. Igram sutra 2gi mec od 1pm. Iiiideeeemooo!!!


One of the biggest servers on tour will be on the other side of the net today.How do I practice return?;-)


Ppl say that Apple users have less risk of getting viruses. Well, Maros and me decided to use Iphones as our first line defense against this stomach virus that’s been going around in IW (although im a bb user) ;-)


Such a good feeling to come back home after a successful day in the „office“ ;-) Pierre is there to give me five, Jelena is happy to have me back, i’m happy to put the bag off for a while…nice evening. Dinner and movie. What are ur plans for tonight?


Im gonna have an early night tonight.Tomorrow vs Anderson 2nd match from 11.Wish me luck and see u tom! Veceras idem rano na spavanje :) igram sutra drugi mec od 11 protiv Andrersona. Pozelite mi srecu i vidimo se sutra!


Can you guess who is this girl with me?and what am i doing sitting on all these tennis balls?;)


Happy to be through to semis. I’m looking fw to a new challenge vs Andy, i’m sure it will be great!w/ @dusanVemic


Let’s make the biggest fan photo album in the world! I would love to have photo with each of you. Let’s start https://www.facebook.com/djokovic.official?sk=app_159926240792385 Hajde da napravimo najveci fan album na svetu! Voleo bih da imam sliku sa svakim od vas. Idemo https://www.facebook.com/djokovic.official?sk=app_159926240792385


Well done guys! The correct answer is Sergey Bubka, and his son Vitaliy :) and here we are all together after good practice session today :) For those of u who didn’t know, Sergey is one of the greatest paul vaulters of all time, he broke 35 world Paul Vault records! Impressive isn’t it?