Well, some of you guessed well, some of you not :) let me help you a bit…;)


Hello from Dubai :) anyone knows who’s this guy pointing finger at me? :) guess!


Safely landed in Dubai. Always good to be back here. We r ready for @DubaiTennisCham, r u?


I had couple of days of preparation in Monaco for Dubai. I am just on my way to the plane and wanted to say hi to you all. More tennis soon, stay tuned for @DubaiTennisCham :))


Believe it or not, i am this strong! :) Verovali ili ne – mnogo sam jak :)


A little bit of sun, a little bit of snow, a little bit of fun ;) @dusanVemic


Lepo je kad je dan pun povoda za čestitanje i slavlje! Danas je Sveti Trifun, ne propustite da nazdravite dobrim vinom.A zaljubljenima sretan svaki dan a i ovaj „zvanični“ ;)


To eternal inspiration, to love, my love and all the lovers around the globe: happy Valentine’s day people!


All the gang at the end of the race: my childhood friends w/ gfs, brothers Marko and Djole and my gf :)


Marko, Djole, Nata, Milica, Neven… All pro skiers for a night. Not an easy task :)